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primary care

Choose Us As Your Primary Care Provider

April 29, 2024
Are you tired of being a number on a chart or shuffled in and out of an office visit in 10 minutes? Unfortunately, that’s the reality of most medical offices these days. Between an overly clinical environment, long wait times, and short conv…
healthy weight

Reach A Healthy Weight With Our Medically Supervised Program

April 29, 2024
One of the most common issues we hear from patients is that they struggle to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Many of them have tried countless diets, exercise programs, and may have even lost weight only to gain it back. We know how frustrati…
hormone therapy

Regain Your Zest For Life With Hormone Therapy

April 12, 2024
If you’re not feeling quite like yourself lately and you’re struggling to pinpoint why, it could be the result of fluctuating hormones. As women approach their late 30s and early 40s, the rollercoaster that is perimenopause begins. Mos…
younger looking

Want Younger Looking Skin? Try Opus Plasma

April 11, 2024
Once you hit your 30s, you might start to notice that your skin just doesn’t have the same youthful appearance as it did in your 20s. Typically this is the time when the signs of aging creep in – fine lines, skin texture changes, and l…

Welcome To Our New Blog!

December 13, 2023
Welcome to North Laurel Family Medicine! We have so much that we want to share with you, so we decided to start a blog. In the coming months, you’ll find new content being added here. Be sure to check back often and subscribe to our email ne…