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Nourish Your Body From The Inside Out With IV Infusions

Our modern lifestyle is busy – it seems like we’re always on the go. We stay up too late watching TV or scrolling and end up burning the candle at both ends. Do this for long enough and your body will start to protest. You may start to feel “run down” or generally fatigued and depleted. Often times this ends with a bout of sickness as the stress on your body tanks your immune system. Instead of getting caught in this vicious cycle, we recommend trying to recognize those early signs that something is off and addressing it early. Nourish your body with customized IV infusions to support it during times of stress or after an illness to help you bounce back.

What Are The Benefits Of IV Infusions?

The human body is very intelligent. We can get most things we need through food, water, and the environment (like sunlight for Vitamin D). But sometimes, we need a little help. We live in a world that’s high stress and high demand, which can deplete the body more quickly than we are able to replenish. Combine that with some not-so-great eating habits, and it suddenly becomes hard to meet our basic needs. This is where IV infusions can really help. They are formulated to quickly replenish your body of lost vitamins, minerals, and hydration. If you’ve ever had one before during an illness, you know just how quickly they can turn things around. Your body rapidly absorbs the nutrients right in the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. As a result, people typically notice a difference very soon after treatment in their energy levels.

Custom Blends To Meet Your Needs

One of the major advantages of IV Infusions is the targeted formulas to address specific health concerns. At North Laurel, we offer a wide range of options to suit just about any need.

  • Anti-Viral (prevention, immune boosting)
  • Glow (hair and skin)
  • General Wellness
  • The Time Machine (anti-aging)
  • High Performance Support
  • I Want It All (optimizes hydration)
  • Migraine/Hangover Helper
  • Sick Day Relief

Whether you’re preparing for a sports event, interested in anti-aging benefits, or recovering from an illness, there’s an infusion for you. To learn more about our options or to schedule your infusion, contact us today!

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