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Live Better

Patients can easily confuse short term issues that, if given enough time, would resolve without treatment; with chronic conditions that we don’t know about unless we look.

My sprained ankle will get better without treatment. My high blood pressure will cause damage if it’s not properly managed. My sprained ankle hurts while my blood pressure doesn’t… until it’s too late. If we’re going to live better, we start with an evaluation of where we are now coupled with a family history. Then we make strategic moves to stack the deck in our favor as time passes.

  • Acute & Chronic Illness

    When the flu, sore throat or any other sudden illness strikes from infancy through senior adults, North Laurel Family Medicine can provide:

    • evaluation of symptoms
    • appropriate diagnostics and laboratory testing
    • prescriptions for needed medications and follow-up care.
    • referrals to a specialist, if needed

    If you are living with a chronic illness like asthma, arthritis, hypertension, COPD, diabetes, thyroid issues etc., the expert medical team at North Laurel Family Medicine will strive to improve the quality of your life through:

    • evaluation of all chronic medical conditions and diagnoses
    • medication reconciliation and refills
    • evaluation of lifestyle and diet
    • appropriate diagnosis and lab testing
    • coordinating care with specialists
    • development of follow-up care management plans
  • ECGs, X-Rays, Spirometry

    We offer in-office electrocardiogram (ECG) as a medical test that detects cardiac (heart) abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts.

    Our state-of-the-art machine records an electrocardiograph and displays this data as a trace on a screen or on paper. This data is then interpreted by our medical team.

    ECGs from normal, healthy hearts have a characteristic shape. Any irregularity in the heart rhythm or damage to the heart muscle can change the electrical activity of the heart so that the shape of the ECG is changed. ECGs are commonly recommend for patients who may be at risk of heart disease because there is a family history of heart disease, or because they smoke, are overweight, have diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

    We offer in-office X-rays which can be used to examine most areas of the body. They’re mainly used to look at the bones and joints, although they’re sometimes used to detect problems affecting soft tissue, such as internal organs. Problems that may be detected during an X-ray include: bone fractures and breaks.

    We also utilize spirometry lung function testing to assist in the management of asthma and other chronic lung disorders. We have a computerized spirometer to perform this type of testing.

  • Injury Evaluations

    An acute injury can be moderate to severe and with sudden onset. Our in-house team is well equipped to handle evaluation of acute injuries that are typically associated with a traumatic event such as sports contact injuries or a fall from a bike. A traumatic impact can cause your bone to crack, muscles to tear or ligaments to snap.

    At North Laurel Family Medicine, we offer same-day appointments for acute injury evaluations to evaluate, diagnose, and treat acute injuries and conditions.

  • Joint Injections

    Pain and swelling in the muscles and joints can often be relieved by receiving an injection:

    • Trigger points develop as small knots in the muscles and cause back/neck pain. These can often be relieved by injections.
    • Joint injections often provide relief to patients that experience pain and/or swelling. Common joints that are injected include knee, shoulder, elbow, base of the thumb, wrist etc.
  • Exams & Labs

    The overall health and well being of our patients is the primary concern for the North Laurel Family Medicine team. We take the time to listen and understand your concerns and will strive to provide premium care for you and your entire family. Our care includes:

    • sick visits for sudden or chronic illness
    • well visits that thoroughly assess all physical aspects of your health.
    • vaccinations
    • physicals
    • blood tests
    • and more